7 Week Shanti Prenatal Program

This a complete program for prenatal health and child birth preparation. Feel healthy, vital and at peace in your transforming body through yoga, meditation and relaxation. Educate yourself on key birth topics and enter your birth journey calm and prepared. The program consists of 7 classes of each about an hour. Every class is centered around a theme and includes a bit of everything from the list below. You learn:

  • Prenatal exercises and yoga for building a graceful and healthy alignment
  • Exercises to alleviate common ailments
  • Breathing techniques for building your breath awareness and breathing power
  • Effective pain management techniques
  • Time tested tools to navigate the labor journey smoothly
  • Different pushing methods and positions
  • Biology of the birth process and your powerful female anatomy
  • How to become a Birth Warrior
You can enroll in this program as of 18th week of pregnancy and up until your last weeks. The exercises are suitable for the entire 2nd and 3rd trimester.

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